Zula logo (Zula USA or Zula International) is a website that started the award-winning TV series, The Zula Patrol, to engage and teach children about basic science concepts. The Zula Patrol was so successful, that we created curriculum to further address the growing need for science and math programs that cultivate critical thinking skills among young children. Zula's STEM curriculum offers a complete package that serves many aspects of science and math learning, fosters critical thinking, promotes language arts skills, and provides a diverse approach to learning styles. Zula's Exploration Mission Modules for classroom use and Zula's Afterschool Discovery Bundles for afterschool programs have been implemented in classrooms and afterschool programs throughout the country with fantastic results. Outcomes have shown that children's understanding of not only science concepts, but also language arts and math skills have increased significantly after using Zula curriculum.

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