First Appearance

"A Comet's Tale"

Latest Appearance

"One is the Loneliest Number"

Primary Color(s)

Royal Purple, Violet Purple, Sky Blue

Voice Actor

Nancy Cartwright

Zeeter is the Zula Patrol's primary pilot and one of the main protagonists of the series. She is mainly Bula's companion and is best friends with Multo, Wizzy, Wigg, and Gorga. When not piloting her ship, Zeeter often rides her zula-scooter for fun, which is made from iron.


Zeeter is described as a "hot-dogging go-getter" and as such she's very energetic in comparison to the laidback Bula. She has her own flaws, however, such as jumping into situations without thinking and being very impatient. She also has a slight temper at times, and can get irritated easily. She dislikes Dark Truder most out of the team.


Zeeter is a bright purple alien with a bug-like head. When she blinks her eyelids are sky-blue in color. She also has twin-antennas, and the only the Zula patroller to wear gloves the same color as her usual suit. If Zeeter takes them off she is known to have light-blue fingernails.

Episode Relevance

Zeeter has appeared in all episodes of the Zula Patrol. She first appeared in "A Comet's Tale", then later finally appeared in "One is the Loneliest Number".


(Please note this list does not have all dialogue said by Zeeter)

"Ohh, that's it! It's time to deal with Truder!"- "Time Out"

"I am so BORED!!"- "Earth Hunt"

"Look-out! Incoming fighter-WEB!!"- "Small is Beautiful"


  • Zeeter often gets very irritated by Truder, since she tries to stop him from immediate-situations.
  • She also sometimes can tell from Truder's disguises, including Traxie who often helps him with his different-hairstyles. None of the other Zula patrollers can tell.