This is the place on the wiki where positive users can become administrators. This page is not open to spammers, blocked users, etc. The guidelines listed for adminship include:

  • You must have made more than four hundred edits on the wiki
  • Have uploaded 20 or more files
  • Created three or more pages
  • Have edited on the wiki for the past thirty days
  • Your reason must be at least four to six sentences long

Things You Must Read Before Requesting

Below are a list of things you should read before putting in a request to become an administrator. Remember to read these carefully, for one mistake will come with a consequence. The first one explains what you can and cannot do as an administrator on this wiki.


  • Your reasoning behind which you should become admin must be stated within three to six sentences.
  • In order to acheive admin level, you must have at least one to two supporters and only one opposer.
  • Your "record" must be clean. You must not have done any spamming or have vandalized the wiki in any way.
  • You may not place someone you know in as a request for an admin.


Once you are an admin, you are given the rights to:

  • Protect pages from harmful users/spammers or non-administrators
  • Block or ban users that are spamming the wiki
  • Edit Media:Wiki pages
  • Grant and remove the rights of chat moderators and rollbacks


This is section where you place your reqeust to become an administrator for the wiki. Before requesting, make sure that you have met each and everyone of the requirements. The steps to making a requests are listed below.

  • Replace the word "USERNAME" with your actual username.
  • Hit the button "submit".
  • You should see templates on the page. Click on "Source".
  • Type the text {|RfA.
  • Right under the text, place a vertical line "|", then place the word "Description" a space away from the line. Then, place an equal sign. Lastly, type the description of why you think you should be an admin.
    • NOTE: Remember, this description should be at least four to six sentences in length.
  • Add the sections "Support", "Oppose", "Neutral", and "Comments and Questions".