"Earth Hunt"




October 19, 2005

"Earth Hunt" is the 14th episode of season 2 which airs in October 19, 2005. The planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury make fun of Earth, picking-on her until the conservation turns into an arguement. As a result, the Zula Patrol finds her, not in the mood of returning home in the solar system.



In outer-space the interviewer calls out it is "never to get bored", until Zeeter in the Zula Patrol-spaceship yells that she is so bored. The interviewer changes this description into "never to say never". In the Zula Patrol-spaceship Zeeter is exhausted, having the ship stay in-patrol for hours with nothing happening. Bula commands that their ship will stay in-patrol for about 87.3 more days without ever landing while Multo is taking time solving a white puzzle. Meanwhile in space Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury are seen making fun of Earth, thus picking-on her. However, after a few jokes about Earth, such as Mercury saying she "sprung a leak," and Jupiter purposely mistaking her as a gumball, they start to argue about wanting Earth's spot. As the situation gets worse, Earth decides to leave the solar system, wanting to travel around another star. Meanwhile at the Zula Patrol-spaceship, Wizzy and Wig are baking "solar-flare upside-down cakes". Bula searches for his laser-pen, and Multo figures-out there is something wrong in the solar system; it was revealed to be that Earth is missing. Bula tells Zeeter to fire-up the ship's hyper-boosters, and she gets excited for a while. When the Zula Patrol find Earth she is cold, tired, and still in no mood of returning home. However, Wizzy tells the lonely blue-planet that he remembers he was an important-part of the Zula Patrol, and Wizzy ultimately convinces Earth that she is an important-role of the solar system, so she heads back home with no fear at all.


  • For some reason, Mercury is often seen happy whenever he is circling around Saturn.
  • When Bula stated that the Zula Patrol-ship is still in-patrol, Zeeter was twirling her finger in a circle, however Bula did not seem to notice it.


  • When Multo said he was going to take time on his white-pieced puzzle, almost all the pieces were arranged together, but when he sighed a little bit all the pieces were mixed-up.
  • When Bula searches for his laser-pen, the table with Multo's white-puzzle was seen there, but when he called "This is a job for the Zula Patrol!", the table was gone.
  • Wizzy and Wig find Bula's laser-pen, but when he thanks Wizzy the pen disappeared.
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