Dark Truder
Dark Truder



First Appearance

"This Looks Like a Job for the Zula Dudes"

Latest Appearance

"Villain of the Year"

Primary Color(s)

Light Tan, Maroon/Dark Brown, Purple and Green

Voice Actor

Kurt Kelly

Dark Truder is the main antagonist of the series and the archenemy of the Zula Patrol. He and his sentient toupee Traxie constantly cause trouble across the galaxy, from petty thefts to near disastrous situations for the Zula Patrol or other citizens in the galaxy.


Truder is described as a "villain's villain", and he loves to prove it. He is rude, egotistical and has a quick temper. Most of the time, Truder is selfish and loves to cause trouble for others in the galaxy, especially for the Zula Patrol. He never thinks for the well-being of others, and can throw temper tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants.

Despite his grumpy nature, Truder is shown to have a soft spot in certain episodes; in Night of the Fweebs, he thought the Fweebs were adorable and immediately returned Polaris, the North Star after realizing that the fuzzy creatures wouldn't be able to go north without her. In Villain of the Year, his plan to steal a galaxy goes awry and he ends up accidentally leaving behind Traxie in his attempt to run from the Zula Patrol. He chose Traxie over the galaxy, thought he lost the Villain of the Year to Deliria. He can work with the Zula Patrol on some occasions, but mostly begrudgingly.


Dark Truder is an alien with dark peach skin, which has some dark brown blemishes on it in certain spots. He has eight fingers like Bula, Multo and Zeeter, but he has clawed fingers. His eyes are sunken and are maroon around the edges. He is completely bald, hence why Traxie usually sits on his head. He wears a purple and green suit with his personal emblem on the left side of the suit.


  • He's somehow similar to Dr. Robotnik from the old Sonic the Hedgehog TV series.