First Appearance

"The Things in Rings"

Latest Appearance

"One is the Loneliest Number"

Primary Color(s)

Silver, Light Purple and Gold

Voice Actor

Dave Wittenberg

Cloid is Deliria's hapless robot butler, and appears mostly in seasons 3 and 4. While he never really agrees with Deliria's mad schemes, he is very loyal to her, though she mostly seems ungrateful of his services.


Cloid is a very nervous robot, often trying to warn her about the consequences of her schemes. He also seems to know a lot about the solar system, but Deliria ignores him every time he tries to share his knowledge with her. While he doesn't always agree with her schemes, he goes along with them anyway and remains loyal to her. She repays his loyalty by blaming him when her schemes go wrong.


Cloid is about the same height as Deliria, and appears to be built with mismatched parts. His head and body is a light purple, while his legs and arms are silver.


  • Unlike his mistress, Cloid is willing to help the Zula Patrol on their missions on occasion.