School Curriculum: Simple Machine

Zula's Exploration Mission Modules™ contain everything needed to incorporate inquiry-based science, math, and language arts into PreK-3rd grade classrooms: Teacher Support, Learning Components and Manipulatives, and Assessment Tools.

Each Exploration Mission Module™ includes:

  • Easy-to-use, standards-based Teacher's Guide
  • Child-safe Manipulatives and Measurement Tools for students to work in small teams for active, hands-on exploration
  • Child-sized Plastic Buckets with lids for easy distribution
  • DVD with full 11-minute topic episodes, "teachable moment" video clips, and song
  • DVD supports the kit theme
  • Big Book classroom reader
  • Reader for each child to take home to extend learning
  • Science Journal for each child to use in the classroom
  • Assessment tools
  • A complete Inventory of materials
  • Technology Component: A 1 year VIP subscription to is included for each child